Duvet cover and pillowcase | Pelican

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Style = Bedding, Duvet cover and Pillowcase

Kindly note the sizes.

Baby-  Duvet cover 100 cm long x 70 wide, Pillow 45x 45 cm

Junior- Duvet cover 140cm long x 100 wide, Pillow 45x 60 cm

Adult- Duvet cover 200 cm long x 150 wide, Pillow 50x 60 cm

Adult DE/ UK Size- Duvet cover 200 cm long x 135 wide, Pillow 80x 80 cm

Single size Australia- Duvet cover 192 cm long x 94 wide, Pillow 74x 48 cm

Fabric= 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton twill wowen

GOTS Certified Non Toxic dye and print.

GOTS Certified production. Made in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India

GOTS Certification number CU 855122