Short Sleeve Top | Bikes - Light Blue (Second Sorting)

100 kr | EU countries, including VAT.
80 kr | NON-EU countries, VAT free.

Short Sleeve Top (Second Sorting / Samples) | Kortärmad top (Andrasortering / Prov)

We have never thrown any garments away due to minor flaws. Sometimes we have had a weekend flash sale in the ware house and sometimes we have sent garments to charity.
The following garments is perfect in every sense unless the fact that the print is slightly slanted. So hopefully you will enjoy a second sorting "vintage" DUNS Sweden garment (Summer 2016) to a really great price. 

100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and Production | CU855122
Brand: DUNS Sweden |
Quality: Interlock
Designed in Göteborg, Sweden
Made in Tiruppur, India